We couldn’t be more proud of our talented team. Find out more about us below.


B. Com, CA (SA), CFA
Director | Entrepreneur | Artist

I’m a natural born entrepreneur focused on venture capital, and building businesses that offer serious competitive advantage. After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial endeavors, building businesses is now part of my DNA.

Technology – and the excitement of the disruptive change that it offers – presents an enormous opportunity. And that’s precisely why I co-founded SprintHive.





Director | CEO | Cyclist
ND Information Technology

I am most inspired by working in problem-solving environments that require fresh ideas and sustainable solutions. That’s exactly why I joined the SprintHive team as CEO in 2016, with the bold vision of driving digital transformation in the finance sector and beyond.

As an all-round techie and avid coder with experience at start-ups and tech giants alike, I have found that technology has the power to solve almost any problem. I believe that by finding innovative tech solutions to everyday obstacles – and backing them with logical, technical and business reasoning – we’re serving real people and giving more South Africans access to important financial services. This is the bedrock upon which SprintHive’s services are built.




CTO | Rock Climber

I love solving interesting and challenging problems, sometimes to unhealthy extremes! Over and above the satisfaction of building software that delivers measurable business value and delights customers, I enjoy designing and building the infrastructure to run such software that is scalable, resilient and high performance. I draw on my experience at Amazon Web Services to achieve this. I strongly believe in continuous improvement – there is always a more elegant solution to any given problem.

While I’m naturally a quiet person, I am most stimulated and deliver my best work when I am part of a diverse team that challenges my way of thinking.

How I find working at SprintHive: I am constantly challenged by interesting problems and I get to solve them together with a great team.



Software Engineer | Technical Project Manager | Fitness Addict
B. Sc. Mathematical Sciences, B. Sc. Computer Science (Hons)

I’m a polyglot software engineer and startup enthusiast with experience that spans a broad range of organisations and industries. I’m a fast learner, highly organised and enjoy communication.

How I find working at SprintHive: It is a privilege to work with top talent to solve business challenges using the power of modern processes and tech – and to do it every day. It has been an incredible journey of learning and professional growth.





Data Scientist | Astronomer

Grilling data sets is what gets me going in the morning. I am especially interested in developing algorithms to wring the most out of data, particularly by using artificial intelligence and statistical
techniques. During the course of my career, which includes Astrophysics, I’ve learned that’s all about Bayesian probabilities rather than tedious high-school statistics. This has led me to an evangelistic attitude towards quantifying the scientific method and everyday life itself.

I am simply excited to learn and be challenged by the vastness of the Universe and by other people. I also enjoy writing, with more than 60 journal articles in journals, not to mention a popular science book.

How I find working at SprintHive: This is the best job I have ever had – solving great problems alongside great people.




Software Engineer | Horticulturist

I love the buzz you get when you compile and run code – and it works. I am passionate about designing quality software that people love to use. There is nothing better for me to receive positive feedback from people who use software that I have designed, implemented, tested, deployed and support.

I have worked in many industries: insurance, retail, media, human resourcing, financial, content distribution and data mining. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family. I make time to appreciate nature and to stay fit.

How I find working at SprintHive: Thanks to the learning that comes with developing an understanding of the business, as well as the ever-changing and growing technology landscape, I am constantly engaged and motivated.




Software Engineer | Tinkerer

I am a Java software developer with experience in Enterprise Java, Android and Web development.

I enjoy being part of a team that is working towards a common goal. I am a logical thinker, a problem solver and a quick learner, and I enjoy learning new technologies and facing new challenges.

How I find working at SprintHive: Coming to work makes me so happy everyday. Everyday I have a new challenge and being able to work through this with a world class team fills me with joy.





Product Owner | Foodie

I am passionate about project management and successfully delivering projects, of any nature, from inception to completion.

I enjoy new challenges, and I pride myself on being loyal, reliable, trustworthy and honest. I have a track record of proposing multiple potential solutions for complex or new problems or processes, and I am not afraid to make objective recommendations as to which direction should be taken. I work well in a team, and I am a self-driven individual able to operate with minimal supervision.

How I find working at SprintHive: Working here is the most incredible experience. Our team, work ethic and passion around our product makes coming to work everyday fantastic.




Finance Manager | Traveller

I have worked as a Financial Accountant and Manager in many industries (commercial businesses, charities, professional associations and educational institutions). Now working in the Fintech industry, I am proud to be part of the new emerging financial industry that applies technology and innovation to improve financial activities. It is different and exciting, and I learn something new every day.

I am organised, and I have integrity and a good sense of humor! I believe that helping people and businesses solve their problems and achieve their goals is an incredibly rewarding way to spend my time.

How I find working at SprintHive: Being able to help out with the logistical side of what makes the business tick means that I can play a huge role in helping SprintHive succeed — and I love that!