Digital Onboarding

Building a digital, customer-centric, omni-channel experience on top of product-centric back-office systems and processes causes exponentially increasing permutations of customer journey’s and data flows. This is why very few businesses have bespoke digital customer journeys based on the different customer personas.

SprintHive’s Services address this problem by slotting in between your user experience and business systems, shielding the customer-channel experience from the back-office inflexibility.

The SprintHive Services event engine keeps all the data in sync in all the channels and business systems, in the format they require. Future channels can be added with minimal impact on current ones.


The SprintHive Services application state engine uses a directed acyclic graph model to ensure that all application control gates are enforced, without restricting the user channel flow to a particular workflow. This frees the customer journey to easily change, allowing for experimentation.


The SprintHive Services evidence engine separates the process of classification, validation and verification from the application process to allow more flexible, efficient evidence management, and skills-based routing in the back-office.


Our event-sourced application data collection allows for multiple applications for multiple products to reuse the same user and system inputs and reduce duplication of effort for the customer and the back office.


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Product benefits

The main areas of focus are the customer onboarding experience, product origination, regulatory and legal compliance and finally a spotlight on operational efficiency.


As part of our drive to shorten the customer journey, reduce customer effort and reduce back-office work we have created services that automate traditionally manual tasks.

  • Identity Verification service can scan South African ID Cards, green ID books, driving licenses and passports.
  • Identity Data Verification service can verify identity data against HANIS information from multiple sources including HANIS, bureaux and specialist data vendors.
  • Address verification service can verify addresses against multiple sources and use complex address matching algorithms and clean-up capabilities.
  • Income verification service can analyse transactional bank account data to determine income and match that against the declared amount.