Our onboarding services allow your customers to complete an omni-channel digital application process as quickly as possible: we can onboard in under 2 minutes. This includes all the necessary internal, regulatory, fraud checks and verifications.

More benefits of using our services include:
- Significantly decreased drop-off rates
- Increased conversions
- Increased customer satisfaction
- You only pay for successfully processed customers

How we do it


We are an innovative tech company that creates end-to-end digital customer onboarding services. Why? Because when we discovered that less than a third of customers actually make it all the way through digital application processes, we took it upon ourselves to find a way to effectively help you to target the remaining two thirds with an effortless customer experience.

More About SprintHive


The "Hive Mind" is our collective thinking


SprintHive’s team of top software and data science talent “The Bees” is a group of people who want to help businesses offer better customer experiences. We provide deep digital consulting and software solutions.

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If our people are the Hive, then the processes we adopt and consult on are the “Hive Mind”. Effective processes are essential for getting the best out of modern People and Technology strategies. SprintHive has developed a guiding set of principles to enable the entire business to digitally transform and become innovation leaders.

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Tech disruption is accelerating and many businesses struggle to keep up. SprintHive’s team has collective experience across a wide set of technology stacks and architectures, enabling us to select and leverage the best architectures, infrastructure platforms and software libraries for its internal systems and customer solutions.

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